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SLP's involvement in the arts has consistently gained the attention of the press. Below are selected articles. Full press kits and color pdfs of any of the following are available, by request, via our Contact page.



  • The Influentials: Art
  • Young Dealers Pioneer New Chelsea Art Building
  • Emerging Art Mini-Mall
  • Where the Hip Boys Are
  • Nada Surf


  • Hollywood Premiere
  • Block Party
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Chelsea's far west 27th Street will never be the same
  • Young Dealers Head to Hudson River With $3000 Sneakers
  • West 27th Street Preview
  • Chelsea Art: the New Thirty-something Block Party


  • Gatekeepers to the Art World


  • Zhang Huan stopped by Chuck Close’s New York Studio, TAR magazine issue 2, Spring 2009


  • Elite Art How to get a Foot in the Door
  • Art Dealer John Connelly Shuts Doors Will Run Gonzalez Torres Foundation


  • Inside Avenues
  • Interview with Sheri Pasquarella Exhibition A